Here is a site that sells and will sell different articles as various as:

  croix Book of prayers (on sale now).
         Holy pictures,
         Decorative rosaries, etc.

And in a quite different line of thinking...

Fantasy books such as:

  mort Book "Halloween style" for youngsters (on sale now);
  chandelle Book of Magic (this one was an interesting discovery);
   sourireJoke Book for all... etc.etc.

  livre(Note that many of these books are and will be written, in the same book,
           in English AND French for those who, more than loving to read, want to
           learn or improve their French and vice versa.

   plumeThere will also be artistic paintings and drawings, whether they may be in
           oil painting, charcoal or collage;

   cadeau Kits for Saint-Valentine's Day, Saint-Patrick's Day and other feasts for all;
           Etc.etc.etc.; and I do not put those "etc." lightly.


    fleche_croixTake this opportunity to buy our first edition of our prayer book
                "LIVRE DE PRIÈRES"(in French). This first edition is retouched manually
               and quantities are limited to 13.
               For 19.95$ only, you will have access to 234 pages of prayers(8 1/2" x 5 1/2")
               that represent some of your favourites and a few of our own creations.
               ORDER NOW

    fleche_araignee In another style, we also have the book:"SHORT SPOOKY STORIES";
                7 stories and 3 poems,102 pages(11 inches by 8 1/2") stories turning around
                the strange and bizarre world of Halloween.
                A book that will please the young and the young at heart.
                This book is written, in the same book, in English AND French.
                In that way, those who desire to learn or improve their French and vice versa
                can do so.
                The price: 24.95$
                ORDER NOW

Visit us often because many things will be added as time goes on and...
first come, first servedsourire.

You can also read our free chronicle that I name "THINGS I LOVE".
In it we talk about and show many objects and souvenirs that will recall
lovely moments for many.
This chronicle will also grow further as time goes by.

Have a happy moment with us and we thank you for your visit.
It pleases us enormously.